British Columbia Free Little Art Galleries

Little Art Gallery – Railspur

Little Art Gallery – Railspur is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Visit or mail art to: 1375 Railspur Alley, Vancouver BC V6H 4G9

Dunbar Fibre Library

The Dunbar Fibre Library is at W 18th east of Wallace on Vancouver’s west side. This one is a first – they feature yarn and books on fibre arts. Pretty cool and still a FLAG, we think.

Free Little Art Gallery Victoria

Find the Free Little Art Gallery Victoria on Avebury Ave in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Published by Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about loving pockets, that I hate housework. I curate a series of micro galleries (1:12 scale) called the Angelica Kauffman Galleries.

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