Elaine Luther

I’m an artist and curator of the micro galleries The Angelica Kauffman Galleries, a series of 12″ x 12″ boxes, plus dollhouses, a wine crate and a rather large number of Altoids tins, sardine tins and more, those I call micro-micro galleries.
While I don’t host a Free Little Art Gallery, we FLAG hosts and micro-gallerists run in the same small circles.
As an artist, I have the funny goal of mailing art (or hand delivering it) to at least one FLAG in every state in the U.S. plus the District of Columbia. So even though I don’t host a FLAG, I’m a supporter!

A big thank you to Brianna Borka, host of the FLAG Duluth, for the list of FLAGs that was my starting point for this site. Thank you!

Want to be listed? If you have a new FLAG that’s not yet listed with your state or province, please click on over to my micro-gallery’s Instagram, linked in the icon above, and send me a DM!