Fiber and Craft Supply FLAGs

At first, I heard about just one of these, then two, then suddenly, there were so many, that we needed a whole category here on the blog, just for Free Little Art Galleries that specialize in fiber/fibre arts supplies, general craft supplies, or highly specific art/craft supplies, like the one that holds inks made from foraged plants!

Are they exactly Free Little Art Galleries? Maybe not exactly, but in community spirit, they’re the same, so it feels right to help you find them by listing them on this site! Here we go!

Canada: Free Little Fibre Galleries/Libraries

We’ll start with the Canadian fibre libraries, since Canada has the most.

Dunbar Fibre Library

The Dunbar Fibre Library is Vancouver West Side’s first #littlefreefibrelibrary, and can be found on W. 18th east of Wallace. Hosted by Kim Werker. This one is stocked with yarn, patterns and books on yarn crafts.

The Fibre and Seed Cabinet

Find the Fibre and Seed Cabinet at Wellington and almost Princess Ave in N. Vancouver.

Little Library of Foraged Inks

Find this one somewhere in Novia Scotia! What a delight it would be to stumble upon this one while on a walk in the woods!

American Craft Supply, Ink and Fibre FLAGs/libraries

Little Free Craft Library

Visit Nelson Street in Providence, Rhode Island’s Elmhurst neighborhood to find free craft, fiber and art supplies!

Published by Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about loving pockets, that I hate housework. I curate a series of micro galleries (1:12 scale) called the Angelica Kauffman Galleries.

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