Georgia Free Little Art Galleries

Free Little Art Gallery Forsyth in Cumming, Georgia

Free Little Art Gallery Forsyth at CFUMC, Cumming, Georgia

Find this FLAG Located on the campus of Cumming First United Methodist Church, 770 Canton Hwy Cumming, Ga 30040. All welcome!

Send art by mail to: Naomi Larsen 114 Jason Drive, Cumming, GA 30040.

Find them on Instagram here:

Madison Free Little Art Gallery in Madison, GA

Free Little Art Gallery Lilburn, Lilburn, Georgia

Find this FLAG at the corner of Summie Drive and Guys Court in Lilburn.

Free Little Art Gallery Madison DT, Madison, Georgia

Madison, Georgia’s FLAG can be found here: 125 W. Jefferson Street, Madison, GA 30650 and they accept art by mail!
Mail to: City of Madison, Attn: Ken Kocher, P.O. Box 32, Madison, GA 30650

This FLAG also has it’s own website:

Visual Description: A Free Little Art Gallery stands in front of a large bush. The exterior of the Gallery is painted a sage color with white trim, and the interior is painted white. The roof is composed from black shingles and the structure sits on a light brown post. There are two display shelves inside the Gallery and a wooden plank floor. A small plastic dinosaur stands within; she has a tiny paint palette in hand and is holding a dark blue paintbrush. An easel positioned next to her holds a small white canvass. The following typed words are visible on the canvass: "Welcome to the Free Little Art Gallery. Take Art. Leave Art. Please do not remove the furniture or the dinosaur- she lives here and does not make for very good company when separated from her gallery!" The word "ROAR!" has been painted in purple paint onto the bottom of the canvass, seemingly by the dinosaur. Artwork has been left inside the Gallery as well. There is white ceramic cup and a blue/ green ceramic cup on the floor, and a black, green, and gold watercolor sketch of a branch is on one of the shelves. The other shelf holds three pieces: on the left is a black and white photograph of a stained-glass window, in the middle is a red and gold painted canvass, and on the right is an illustrated collection of potted plants, with the names of the plants written below each.
The Little Mesozoic Museum in Atlanta, GA

The Little Mesozoic Museum, Atlanta, Georgia

Find this FLAG Ridgewood Rd NE- Atlanta, GA.

They accept art by mail, to send, please reach out to @brighteyed.bushytailed on IG for more info.

They add:

“We would love to see your art! If you drop something off, we ask that you include a legibly written visual description of the art piece on the back of the paper/ canvass/ creation. This way, your piece can be accessible to all art lovers!”

(They’ll add the visual description when they post the image of the art online, and folks who are blind or low vision can have their device read the description to them.)

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