What’s the difference between a FLAG and a Micro Gallery?

A Free Little Art Gallery is a cousin to the Little Free Library, a place of exchange. Visitors are welcome to give art, give and take art, or only take art. The motto of many Free Little Art Galleries, or FLAGs, is “Make Art, Take Art, Love Art!” FLAGs are generally outdoors.

Micro galleries, in contrast, are generally indoors, and are run by curators who select art by inviting artists to hold a solo show, or putting out a call for art on a theme.

Both styles of small scale art spaces are awesome, and I’m glad to have both types near me. I run a group of micro galleries, called the Angelica Kauffman Galleries. You can find us on Instagram: https://www.elainelutherart.com/gallery/angelica-kauffman-gallery

and on my artist website: https://www.elainelutherart.com/gallery/angelica-kauffman-gallery

I did a blog post on my artist blog with a list of micro galleries. If you’d like to find a micro gallery near you, here’s that post: https://www.elainelutherart.com/find-a-micro-gallery-near-you

Published by Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at ElaineLutherArt.com. I make art about loving pockets, that I hate housework. I curate a series of micro galleries (1:12 scale) called the Angelica Kauffman Galleries.

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